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HOBBIES Magazine Articles — 1970 through 1979
Mechanical, Electrical, and Scientific Antiques / Old Mechanical Banks


Jan.. 1970 Mechanical Bank Activity - 1969
Feb. 1970 Watch Bank, dime disappears
Mar. 1970 Mosque Bank; Pig in High Chair
Apr. 1970 Frog Bank, Two Frogs Bank
May 1970 Freedman's Bank
Jun. 1970 Treasure Chest Music Bank
Jul. 1970 Turtle Bank
Aug. 1970 Four Pelican Banks
Sep. 1970 Thrifty Tom's Jigger Bank
Oct. 1970 Bureau or Chest Bank
Nov. 1970 Popeye Knockout Bank; "Joe Socko" Novelty Bank
Dec. 1970 Clown Bank (tin); Little Joe Bank
Jan. 1971 Dinah; Dinah & 'Husband', aluminum
Feb. 1971 Rabbit, Standing - large, small; Elephant, made in Canada
Mar. 1971 Mechanical Bank Activity - 1970
Apr. 1971 Artillery Bank
May 1971 English Bust Banks - Part I
Jun. 1971 English Bust Banks - Part II
Jul. 1971 Punch and Judy Bank
Aug. 1971 Memorial Money Bank
Sep. 1971 Sambo Bank
Oct. 1971 Watch Bank (metal stamping)
Nov. 1971 Standing Bear Bank - Two
Dec. 1971 Magic Safe Bank
Feb. 1972 Fun-Producing Savings Banks
Mar. 1972 Safe Deposit Box (tin elephant)
Apr. 1972 Guessing Bank (woman's figure)
May. 1972 Stump Speaker Bank
Jun. 1972 Clever Dick Bank (tin)
Jul. 1972 Watch Dog Safe
Aug. 1972 Magic Bank
Sep. 1972 Elephant Howdah (man pops out)
Oct. 1972 Mule Entering Barn Bank
Nov. 1972 Artillery Bank (helmeted figure)
Dec. 1972 Elephant Howdah (locked)
Jan. 1973 20th Century Savings Bank
Feb. 1973 Organ Bank - Type II (boy and girl)
Mar. 1973 Elephant (black with 3 stars); Tabby Bank
Apr. 1973 Trick Pony Bank
May. 1973 Sentry Bank; Try Your Weight Scale
Jun. 1973 Jolly Joe Clown Bank (tin); Hold the Fort - Type II
Jul. 1973 Lighthouse Bank
Aug. 1973 A Unique Uncle Sam Bank
Sep. 1973 Japanese Ball Tosser
Oct. 1973 Horse Race - Type II; New Bank - Type I
Nov. 1973 Halls Liliput - Type I
Dec. 1973 British Lion (tin)
Jan. 1974 Saluting Sailor Bank
Feb. 1974 Fortune Teller Savings Bank
Mar. 1974 Two Clock Type Banks
Apr. 1974 Rival Bank
May. 1974 Feed the Goose Bank
Jun. 1974 Chandlers Bank
Jul. 1974 Bull Dog Bank
Aug. 1974 Owl Type I (slot in head)
Sep. 1974 William Tell
Oct. 1974 Speaking Dog Bank
Nov. 1974 A Pleasant Visit; The Queen Victoria Bank
Dec. 1974 Trick Dog Bank
Jan. 1975 Humpty Dumpty Bank
Feb. 1975 Organ Bank - Type I
Mar. 1975 Lion and Two Monkeys
Apr. 1975 I Always Did 'Spise A Mule (Jockey)
May. 1975 I Always Did 'Spise A Mule, Part II
Jun. 1975 Piano Bank
Jul. 1975 Thrifty Animal Bank
Aug. 1975 Snap It Bank - Trick Savings Bank
Sep. 1975 The Wireless Bank
Oct. 1975 Humpty Dumpty Bank and G. L. Fox
Nov. 1975 Mechanical Bank Ramblings
Dec. 1975 Toys and Banks
Jan. 1976 Eagle and Eaglets Bank
Feb. 1976 Vending Banks, Part 1
Mar. 1976 Vending Banks, Part 2
Apr. 1976 Some Thoughts on Mechanical Banks
May. 1976 Cat and Mouse Bank, Type I
Jun. 1976 New Creemoor Bank
Jul. 1976 Mechanical Bank Activity and Where to Buy Them
Aug. 1976 Betsy Ross Bank
Sep. 1976 Wireless Bank
Oct. 1976 Two Exceptional Still Banks
Nov. 1976 Queen Victoria Bust Bank
Dec. 1976 The International Antique Toy Show and M.B.C.A. Convention
Jan. 1977 The A.T. C.A. Convention
Feb. 1977 Punch & Judy (Cast Iron and Tin)
Mar. 1977 Harold Lloyd Bank
Apr. 1977 Bonzo Bank
Jun. 1977 Watch Dog Savings
Jul. 1977 Some Thoughts on Mechanical Banks
Aug. 1977 More Thoughts on Mechanical Banks
Sep. 1977 Collecting Mechanical Banks - How It All Started
Oct. 1977 A Great Catalog - Alfred C. Rex & Co.
Nov. 1977 Witch Fortune Teller Bank
Dec. 1977 The Hillman Coin Target Bank
Jan. 1978 Mechanical Bank Ramblings
Feb. 1978 Three Rare Banks
Mar. 1978 Getting Up To Date
Apr. 1978 A New Find - Three Rare Banks Conclusion
May. 1978 Santa Phone Bank
Jun. 1978 Pattern Recasts, Part I
Jul. 1978 Pattern Recasts, Part II
Aug. 1978 Convention & Harper Stills
Sep. 1978 Mechanical Bank News
Oct. 1978 Four Fine Harper Banks
Nov. 1978 Fishing Bears Bank
Dec. 1978 Battery Operated Mechanical Banks
Jan. 1979 Toy Shows, Conventions, and Mickey Mouse
Feb. 1979 Rabbit in Cabbage - Frog on Rock
Mar. 1979 A Unique Group
Apr. 1979 A Santa and A Clown
May. 1979 Toad on Stump
Jun. 1979 Organ Bank
Jul. 1979 Symphonion Musical Savings Bank
Aug. 1979 Dog on Turntable & Gem Bank
Sep. 1979 Calumet Bank, Type II
Oct. 1979 Minstrel Bank (Tin)
Nov. 1979 Scotchman Bank (Tin)
Dec. 1979 1979 International Antique Toy Convention
1950's F. H. Griffith, HOBBIES Articles
1960's F. H. Griffith, HOBBIES Articles
1980's F. H. Griffith, HOBBIES Articles


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