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Mechanical Bank Collectors of America

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Mechanical Bank Reseller Advertising 1876 through 1936

Owl, Turns Head, Mechanical Bank - Click here to see more animated banksThe MBCA Scrapbook is comprised of text and photos from selected newspaper clippings,Owl with slot in book mechanical bank magazine articles, reference material, and correspondence all related to Antique Mechanical Banks. It is indexed, and can be searched by key words. The material covers the history and heritage of mechanical bank collecting along with a wealth of information on the banks themselves and the who, what, when, where, and why of mechanical bank collecting. If you printed everything you would have over 4000 pages.
All information is made available on an "as is" basis, with no warranties of any kind. The information reproduced here is quite old and can contain errors and misleading statements.  It has been reproduced as accurately as possible, and provenance is provided when available. Hopefully, more typographical errors have been corrected than inserted. Unless otherwise noted, it is believed that the material reproduced here was either not copyrighted, or that any copyrights have expired. Some documents have been edited for www publication.Owl with slot in head mechanical bank

The SCRAPBOOK section of this web does not provide access to information published by the MBCA for the exclusive use  of its members. The User Name and Password required to access publications posted in the Members section are available only to MBCA members.
Please contact web@mechanicalbanks.org if you have similar items that you would like to share, to report  errors, to provide constructive criticism, etc.
: The MBCA Scrapbook is published to www.mechanicalbanks.org by Bill Jones (bj@mechanicalbanks.org). Documents were originally collected or provided by Bill Jones, William Ferguson, Richard Claggett, Harvey Elander, Dick and Betty Hale, Bob and Jean McCumber, Mark Haber, Bill Norman, F. H. Griffith, Deborah and Al Davidson, Joe Knight, Bill and Lena Roup, John and Bettie Feather, Bill Robison, Fritz Kokish, & others.

E. Curro 1954


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