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 Mechanical Bank Collectors of America - Welcome to the MBCA Web Site - thousands of pages of information on Antique Mechanical Penny Banks.    


Bill E. Grin - Mechanical Bank

    The MBCA is a non-profit organization consisting of around 300 members from the United States and several foreign countries. Organized in 1958, it is dedicated to expand the knowledge and availability of Antique Mechanical Banks.

Clown Bust - Mechanical Bank

MBCA Membership Benefits Include:              

Mechanical Banker Journal Published three times a year, is available only to members and contains up-to-date analysis of specific mechanical banks and related objects; information on annual conventions; member write-ups; current events; new finds; reprints from old catalogs; and other informative items. Our publication, THE MECHANICAL BANKER, keeps our members current on mechanical bank news and activities.

Annual Convention
In late September or October, an annual meeting hosted by MBCA members. The Convention consists of informal and formal gatherings of members from a wide range of backgrounds with a common interest in Mechanical Banks. There are two dinners, tours to see  collections, a bank auction, informative seminars, meetings, room hopping, and other interesting activities.

Check List and Price Guide
Informative guide that provides members with a price range for old Mechanical Banks.

Special Reports and Videotapes of Convention Presentations
Supplemental reports compliment the available information.

Our public web scrapbook section is indexed and can be searched by key words.
     If you printed the content, you would have over 8,000 pages covering Antique
     Mechanical Banks and the history of bank collectors and collecting.


Members reference areas contain an additional 12,000 pages of material plus
     6-1/2 hours of videos from convention seminars, etc. The Password required
access the members pages is available only to members.

Preview links to material in the members pages at: MBCA Member Index.


If you're a collector of Antique Mechanical Banks, you should join the MBCA.
Membership requirements: Own five original antique Mechanical Banks and have a member provide a letter of recommendation verifying the originality of your collection. If you are interested in joining, and know a member, fill out and submit a membership application. To get in touch with an MBCA member, see below or click here contact the MBCA.

Postal address:
Mechanical Bank Collectors of America
PO Box 13323, Pittsburgh, PA  15242

Electronic mail:

          General web Information: raytoys@aol.com
          Webmaster: raytoys@aol.com 
                      Comments, Corrections, Suggestions ?


     The MBCA web was first published April 6, 1999.   

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