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European Tin 


Mechanical Banks at Auction

      Listed here are select antique Mechanical Banks sold at auction starting in October of 1994. These banks were generally in "Choice" or "Above Average" condition. While the finest examples often bring unpredictably high prices, low end banks and banks with problems (major breaks, repairs, poor paint, rust, etc.) can bring much lower prices. Desirability, condition, rarity, provenance, competition, and publicity are all factors in determining prices realized at auction (supply and demand). Condition is from catalog listing. Prices include buyer's premium.

       Information courtesy of Bertoia Auctions (B), Morphy Auctions (M), and RSL Auctions (R).

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Administration Building
African Native

Afro Magic Safe, German, tin

Alligator Hunt, Tin

Alligator, Spring-Jawed
Alligator in Trough (Blowpipe)
Alms Box, with nodding child
American Bank (Sewing Machine)
Archie Andrews, Aluminum
Automatic Coin Savings
Automatic Fortune Savings
Automatic Savings, tin
Automatic Savings Bank, tin
Automatic Surprise Money Box, wood
Baby Elephant
Baby in Egg
Bad Accident
Bank of Education and Economy
Bank Teller
Barking Dog, Wood
Barrel with Arms
Battleship Cincinnati
Bear, German, tin
Bear and Tree Stump
Bear, Slot in Chest
Bear Standing
Bear, Surly Bruin
Berlin Tower, Lehmann, tin

Beehive, Registering
Betsy Ross
Bill E. Grin

Billy Goat
Bird In Cage, German, tin
Bird on Roof
Blacksmith, German, Tin & Lead
Blacksmith, lead pattern

Bonzo, German, tin
Bonzo - Spring Jawed, Ger., white metal
Book-Keeper's Magic Bank, tin

Boston Lion, brass
Bow-ery Bank
Bowing Man in Cupola
Bowing Man in Cupola, lead, foreign

Bowling Alley

Boy and Bulldog
Boy Hammering on Barrel

Boy on Trapeze
Boy Robbing Bird's Nest
Boy Scout Camp
Boys Stealing Watermelon
Bread Winners
British Clown Bank, Tin, German
British Lion Bank, Tin, German
Bucking Goat Bank, Miniature
Buffalo, Trick
Bull, Horns Move
Bull and Bear Bank
Bull Dog
Bull Dog Savings, Clockwork
Bulldog, Spring-Jawed, Ger., white metal

Bull Dog, Standing, Coin on Tongue
Bull Dog, Tin, English, Circa 1920
Bull Tosses Boy in Well, bronze
Bunker Hill

Bureau, wood
Burnette Postman, Tin, English

Butting Buffalo
Butting Goat
Butting Ram
Called Out

Cat Chases Mouse
Cat, Spring-Jawed
Cat & Mouse, cat balancing
Cat & Mouse, cat standing

Chief Big Moon
Child's Bank - Clarks, wood
Child's Bank, wood

Child in Egg
Childs Self Adding
Chimney Sweep, Tin, German

Chimpanzee, French, white metal

Chinaman in Boat
Chinese Conjurer, wood
Circo Equestre, Spain, Tin
Circus Ticket Collector
Cleveland Banking Co. South
Clever Dick, Tin, German
Clock Registering, tin
Clown and Dog, Tin, German
Clown, Arched Top, Tin, English
Clown, Bust
Clown, Chein, Tin
Clown Musician, Tin, German
Clown - Nodding, white medal and brass
Clown Somersaulting, English, Tin
Clown on Globe
Clown, Tin, English, Black Face
Clown, Tin, English, White Face
Clown, Harlequin and Columbine
Clown on Bar
Cockatoo Pelican, German, tin
Coin Registering

Columbian Magic
Columbian Recording

Coolie, Spanish, lead
Court Jester Bank, France, Circa 1895
Cowboy with Tray, Tin, German
Crescent Cash Register
Cross Leg Minstrel, Tin, German
Crowing Rooster, Tin, German
Dapper Dan, Tin
Darky and Watermelon
Darky Bust, Tin, German
Darky Fisherman

Darky in the Chimney
Darktown Battery
Daruma-San, Japanese, wood

Ding Dong Bell
Dog, I Hear A Call
Dog Nodding, Tin, German
Dog on Turntable
Dog Tray
Dolls Head
Donkey and Silo, Tin, German
Donkey, Spring-Jawed, Ger., white metal
Double Your Money, Chicago 1892 Expo.
Eagle and Eaglets
Education and Economy
Electric Safe
Elephant and Three Clowns
Elephant, English, Tin

Elephant Howdah, Man Pops Out
Elephant Howdah, Pull Tail
Elephant Howdah with Tusks

Elephant Howdah with Tusks on Wheels
Elephant - Made in Canada
Elephant, Royal Trick, tin
Elephant with Tusks on Wheels
Elephant Locked Howdah
Elephant No Stars
Elephant Swings Trunk, Large
Elephant Swings Trunk, Small
Elephant Three Stars
Empire Cinema, Tin, German
Farmer Feeding Cow, tin
Feed the Goose
Feed the Kitty

Ferris Wheel
Fidelity Trust
Five Cents Adding
Flip the Frog, German, tin

Fortune Horse Race "Savings Bank"
Fortune Savings Bank, English, tin

Fortune Teller Savings
Fortune Telling Bank, Tin
Forty Niner with Donkey
Fowler (Sportsman)
Freedman's Bureau
Frog in Den
Frog on Arched Track, tin

Frog on Rock
Frog on Round Base (Lattice)
Funny Tom, France, Circa 1920
Fun Producing Savings, Tin

Gem Registering
Germania Exchange
Germania on Sheet Metal Base

German Soldier, stained brass over lead
German Sportsman, iron and wood

German Tower Bank
Giant, English, Tin

Giant in Tower
Girl Feeding Geese, German, tin

Girl in Victorian Chair
Girl Skipping Rope
Give Me a Penny
Globe, Eagle on Top
Globe on Arc
Globe Savings
Gokkiwog, Tin, Germany

Gray Dunn's Postman, Tin, English
Graz Clock Tower, Tin, Austrian

Greedy 'N' Boy, Aluminum, New Zealand
Grenadier, English
Grenadier with Flag, aluminum

Guessing, Man's Figure
Gypsy Fortune Telling Bank, Tin, German
Hall's Empire, handmade sample
Hall's Excelsior
Hall's Liliput
Hall's Liliput, no tray
Hall's Liliput, no tray, narrow building
Hall's Yankee Notion
Hammond's Centennial
Happy Clown, Tin, Germany

Harold Lloyd, Tin, German
Hawaii Pineapple (contemporary)
Hen and Chick
Hindu, Tin
Hold the Fort
Home, Tin
Horse, Paws Ground
Horse Race
Humpty Dumpty

Humpty Dumpty on Wall

Humpty Dumpty, tin
I Always Spise A Mule, Boy on Bench
I Always Spise A Mule, Jockey

Ideal Bureau, tin

Independence Hall Tower
Indian Chief
Indian Shooting Bear
Initiating, First Degree

Indiana Paddle Wheel

Initiating, Second Degree

Jack and the Beanstalk
Jack in the Box Album Bank
Japanese Ball Tosser
Jitney, Tin
Joe Socko Novelty, Tin

John Bull's Money Box
Jolly Joe Clown, Tin, German
Jolly 'N'

Jolly "N", Standing 
Jonah and the Whale
Jonah and the Whale, on Pedestal
Jumbo, Made in Canada
Jumbo on Wheels
Keene Savings Bank, tin
Kick Inn, Wood
Kiddies Fare Box
King Aqua
Kingfisher, Spring Jaw, Spelter

Leap Frog
Lehmann London Tower, tin
Liberty Bell - Eagle finial
Liberty Bell - Musical


Lighthouse, Eddystone, English

Lighthouse - Small, white metal
Light of Asia
Liliput, Hall's
Lion and Two Monkeys
Lion, German, tin
Lion Hunter
Lion Tamer, Tin

Little Joe
Little Jocko Musical Bank
Little Moe
Long May It Wave
Lost Dog
Lucky Wheel Money Box, Tin
Magic Clock Savings, tin
Magic Safe, German, tin
Magie, Tin, German
Mamma Katzenjammer
Mammy with Spoon and Child
Mandarin, Tin, German
Man in Garden, Tin, Germany

Man with Feather In Cap
Mary Roebling, Trenton Trust
Memorial Money Box
Merry-Go-Round, semi-mechanical
Mickey Mouse - Accordion, German, tin
Mickey Mouse, Pull on His Ear
Milking Cow
Minstrel, English, tin
Minstrel, German, tin

Monkey and Coconut
Monkey and Parrot, Tin, German
Monkey - Coin in Stomach
Monkey Face, Arched Top, Tin
Monkey, Spring Jawed, Ger., white metal
Monkey with Tray, Tin, German
Mottoes, Wood
Mule Entering Barn
Musical Church, Wood
Musical Cupid at Piano
Musical Nursery Rhyme Bank, Wood
Musical Savings, Swiss, tin
Musical Savings, Wood, Swiss
Musical Savings, You Pay - I Play
Musical Savings, Easel Back, Wood
Musical Savings, House, Wood
Musical Savings, Regina, Wood
Musical Savings, Symphonion
National, Your Savings, Cash Register
New Creedmoor
Nickel Savings Bank
Nodding (dog), Tin, Germany
North Pole
Octagonal Fort
Old Aunt Dinah and The Fairy - Pattern
Old Mother Hubbard, German, tin
Old Woman in the Shoe
One Cent Adding

Organ Bank, Boy and Girl
Organ Bank, Cat and Dog
Organ Bank, Monkey, Medium
Organ Bank, Monkey, Miniature
Organ Grinder, Germany, Figure in Suit
Organ Grinder and Performing Bear
Owl, Slot in Book
Owl, Slot in Head
Owl, Turns Head
Paddy and the Pig
Parrot, Spring Jawed, German
Patronize the Blind Man and His Dog
Pay Phone
Peg Leg Beggar
Penny on the Drum
Perfection Registering
Picture Gallery
Pig - Chrysler

Pig in Highchair
Pig, slot in back
Policeman, German, tin
Popeye Knockout, Tin
Preacher in the Pulpit
Presto - Penny Changes to Quarter
Presto Savings, Mouse, Wood
Professor Pug Frog's Great Bicycle Feat
Prussian Marksman

Pump and Bucket
Punch and Judy
Punch and Judy, English
Queen Victoria Bust, Brass  
Rabbit in Cabbage  
Rabbit Spring Jaw, Spelter

Rabbit Standing, Large
Rabbit Standing, Small
Reclining Chinaman
Record Money Box, Tin

Red Riding Hood
Regina Musical Savings
Registering Dime Savings

Robot Bank, Aluminum
Roller Skating
Royal Trick Elephant, tin
Safe Deposit Bank, Elephant, tin
Safety Locomotive, Train
Sailor, Tin, German
Sailor Face, Arched Top, Tin
Saluting Sailor, Tin, Germany
Sambo Bank, England

Sam Segal's Aim to Save
Santa Claus at Chimney
Savo, Tin
Schley Bottling Up Cervera
School Teacher, Tin, Germany

Seek Him Frisk
Sentry - Bugler, German, tin
Shoot That Hat

Sentry, Tin, German
Shoot the Chute
Signal Cabin, Tin, German
Smyth X-Ray
Snake and Frog in Pond, Tin
Snap It
Snow White, Tin, Germany
Somersaulting Clown, England, Tin
Spanish Minstrel, Spain, Tin

Speaking Dog
Springing Cat
Spring-Jawed Dog, White Metal
Squirrel and Tree Stump
Stump Speaker

Surly Bruin
"Surprise" Money Box, England

Symphonion Musical Savings Bank
Tank and Cannon
Target In Vestibule
Taxi Cab Registering, Tin

Teddy and the Bear
Telephone, Pay Phone
Ten Cent Adding
Thrifty Animal, Tin
Thrifty Scotsman, Wood
Thrifty Tom's Jigger, Tin
Tiger, German, tin
Time Is Money
Time is Money, Recording

Time Lock Savings
Time Registering
Toad on Stump
Toboggan, With Clock, Silver

Toilette Bank, German, tin
Toutoutbox, tin
Trenton Trust

Treasure Chest Music Box
Trick Dog, Six Part Base
Trick Dog, Solid Base
Trick Donkey
Trick Pony
Trick Savings, Tollner, Wood
Try Your Weight Scale, German, tin
20th Century Savings Bank

Twin Bank, bronze

Two Ducks, lead

Two Frogs
Umbrella, brass and cloth
Uncle Remus
Uncle Sam
Uncle Sam Bust
Uncle Tom, no star, Lapels
Uncle Tom, with Star
United States Bank, Safe
U.S. and Spain
U.S. Bank
U.S. Soldier, Cuban Protected
Vending Banks - all styles, Tin
Viennese Soldier, iron and wood
Watch, Bailey's Trick, lead
Watch, Dime Disappears
Watch Dog Safe
Watch, Stamped Face

Watch Dog Savings, wood

Weeden's Plantation Darkey Savings
Weight Lifter, Bing, Tin
Whale, white metal

William Tell
William Tell, Australian
Windmill, Tin

Winner Savings

Wishbone, lead
Woman at Church, Tin, Diecast, Paper
Woodpecker, German
World's Banker, Tin, German
World's Fair, Columbus
X-Ray, Smyth  
You Pay - I Play, Musical  
Zentral Sparkasse, Sheet Metal
Zig Zag


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Information courtesy of:

Bertoia Auctions
2141 DeMarco Drive
Vineland, NJ  08360
(856) 692-8697
Banks with (B) after date of sale.

Morphy Auctions
2000 N. Reading Road
Denver, PA  17517
(717) 335-3435
Banks with (M) after date of sale.

RSL Auctions
Box 635
Oldwick, NJ 08858
(908) 236-7474
Banks with (R) after date of sale.

      See below for total banks sold per year and average selling prices.

     Data compiled from Mechanical Banks sold at the three leading auction firms specializing in antique banks (as listed on Auction $  pages of this web).

     These figures (statistics) are what they are and do not show true trends due to sales in some years that included collections of rare and exceptional condition banks with superb provenance that increased both the number of banks sold and the average selling prices. Lots with more than one bank and most banks made after 1930 are not included. Individual bank prices ranged from $20 to $426,000. Subject to error.
     Prior to the public auction of the Bill Norman collection in 1991, most antique mechanical banks were sold privately. Information courtesy of
Bertoia Auctions (1994-up), Morphy Auctions (2004-up), and RSL Auctions (2005-up).


Number Sold


Total $ for
Mechanical Banks - Year






October through December





Tim Anderson Collection



$2,313   $789,189     


$1,933   $390,493     


$11,605   $4,351,952   

Stan Sax Collection

 1999 117   $2,450   $287,799     
 2000 233   $3,055   $770,119     
 2001 341   $1,943   $662,597   

Tom Stoddard Collection

 2002 369   $2,922   $1,078,370     
 2003 175   $1,665   $291,446     
 2004 398   $2,655   $1,056,493     
 2005 682   $2,172   $1,481,334   

Bob McCumber Collection

 2006 942   $3,689   $3,474,857   

Bill Robison, Ken Knops and
Bob Brady Collections

 2007 1,069   $9,000   $9,621,179   

Steve Steckbeck Collection
Emmanuel Rodrigue Collection

 2008 925   $3,668   $3,393,605   

Richard Stevens Collection

 2009 603   $2,899   $1,747,891     
 2010 517   $4,083   $2,111,113    Rick Goldstein Collection


$3,345   $2,689,602   

Donal Markey Collection
John Jirkofsky Collection



$3,871   $3,224,364   

Al Winick Collection



$2,634   $1,978,059     


$5,112   $4,233,001   

Bill Robison, Rich Garthoeffner and
1st 1/2 of Max Berry Collection



$5,231   $5,435,075   

2nd 1/2 of Max Berry, Bill Werbell and some of Clive Devenish Collection



$2,201   $1,666,193     


$2,779   $3,204,142   

Brown Foundation Collection
Jim Rocheleau Collection



$5,036   $3,061,692   

Tom Sage & Dr. Z Collections





Auction sales for 23¼ years



$3,629   $1,179,511      Through June 1, 2019

  Oct.  1994

Average of 614 banks sold each year, 51
a month.

14,284 banks had an average selling price of $4,021.

Average mechanical bank sales of $2,470,016 per
year, $205,847 a
month by 3 firms -
1994 through 2018.

Data compiled from Mechanical Banks sold at the three leading auction firms specializing in antique banks. Each bank is individually listed with condition and $ on Auction $ pages.

       Not included in the above are sales at the annual M.B.C.A. Convention auction, sales by other auction firms, private transactions, and sales of the following major collections.

                              Walter Chrysler Collection — was sold in 1955, 201 lots, $47,832
                              Ed Mosler Collection — was sold in 1982, 618 banks, $600,000
                              Perelman Toy Museum was sold in 1988, 352 banks, $1,650,000
                              Hegarty Collection — was sold privately to Al Davidson in 1988.
                              Bill Norman Collection — was sold in 1991, 365 banks, $2,200,000


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