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HOBBIES Magazine Articles — 1951 through 1959
Mechanical, Electrical, and Scientific Antiques / Old Mechanical Banks


Sep. 1951 Bank Teller Bank
Oct. 1951 Freedman's Bank
Nov. 1951 Clown, Harlequin; Columbine Bank
Dec. 1951 Merry-Go-Round Bank
Jan. 1952 Shoot the Chute Bank
Feb. 1952 Mikado Bank
Mar. 1952 Germania Exchange Bank
Apr. 1952 Girl Skipping Rope Bank
May. 1952 Bread Winners Bank
Jun. 1952 Sportsman Bank
Jul. 1952 Giant Bank
Aug. 1952 Roller Skating Bank
Sep. 1952 Springing Cat Bank
Oct. 1952 Circus Bank
Nov. 1952 Initiating Bank First Degree
Dec. 1952 Motor Bank
Jan. 1953 Professor Pug Frog's Great Bicycle Feat
Feb. 1953 Bank Teller Bank
Mar. 1953 Old Woman in the Shoe Bank
Apr. 1953 Girl in Victorian Chair Bank
May. 1953 Jonah and the Whale Bank (pedestal)
Jun. 1953 Dentist Bank
Jul. 1953 Red Riding Hood Bank
Aug. 1953 Milking Cow Bank
Sep. 1953 A True Listing of Authentic Factory-Made Mechanical Banks
Oct. 1953 Uncle Remus Bank
Nov. 1953 Confectionery Bank
Dec. 1953 The Toy Bank Maker
Jan. 1954 U.S. and Spain Bank
Feb. 1954 Rhode Island's Bank Collectors' Club
Mar. 1954 Butting Ram Bank
Apr. 1954 Darky and Watermelon Bank
May. 1954 Bull Dog Savings Bank
Jun. 1954 Rare Pottery Mechanical Bank
Jul. 1954 North Pole Bank
Aug. 1954 Octagonal Fort Bank
Sep. 1954 Mechanical Banks - Originals and Recasts
Oct. 1954 Ding Dong Bell Bank
Nov. 1954 Bowling Alley Bank
Dec. 1954 Early Mechanical Inventions
Jan. 1955 Recast Mechanical Banks
Feb. 1955 Hindu Bank
Mar. 1955 Patronize the Blind Man
Apr. 1955 Coasting
May. 1955 Chinaman in Boat with Rat on Tray
Jun. 1955 Mechanical Bank Ramblings
Jul. 1955 American Bank (Sewing Machine)
Aug. 1955 Preacher in the Pulpit Bank
Sep. 1955 Panorama Bank
Oct. 1955 Called Out Bank
Nov. 1955 Turtle Bank
Dec. 1955 Camera Bank
Jan. 1956 Billy Goat Bank
Feb. 1956 Kiltie Bank
Mar. 1956 Bismark Bank
Apr. 1956 Clown on Bar Bank
May. 1956 Rare Mechanical Bank Advertising Item (Freedmans')
Jun. 1956 Baby Elephant Bank - Unlocks at X O'clock
Jul. 1956 Bamboula
Aug. 1956 United States Bank (safe)
Sep. 1956 Presto Bank
Oct. 1956 Light of Asia
Nov. 1956 Wimbledon Bank
Dec. 1956 Football Bank
Jan. 1957 Automatic Coin Savings Bank
Feb. 1957 Animated Bell Ringer Toys
Mar. 1957 Hold the Fort Bank
Apr. 1957 Woodpecker Bank
May. 1957 Mechanical Banks - English vs. American
Jun. 1957 Cupola Bank
Jul. 1957 Toy Cannon
Aug. 1957 Afghanistan Bank
Sep. 1957 John Bull's Money Box
Oct. 1957 The Target Bank
Nov. 1957 Shoot That Hat Bank
Dec. 1957 Recast Mechanical Banks
Jan. 1958 U.S. Bank (building)
Feb. 1958 Organ Grinder and Performing Bear
Mar. 1958 Picture Gallery Bank
Apr. 1958 Monkey Bank, with tray
May. 1958 Bow-ery Bank
Jun. 1958 Goat, Frog and Old Man Bank
Jul. 1958 Animated Toy Pistols
Aug. 1958 Little Moe Bank
Sep. 1958 Acrobat Bank
Oct. 1958 Dog Tray Bank
Nov. 1958 Calamity Bank
Dec. 1958 Mamma Katzenjammer Bank
Jan. 1959 Mechanical Bank Collectors Convention
Feb. 1959 Lion Hunter Bank
Mar. 1959 Horse Race Bank
Apr. 1959 Tank and Cannon Bank
May. 1959 Time is Money Bank
Jun. 1959 Builder of Safes and Bank Vaults Collects Mechanical Banks
Jul. 1959 Butting Buffalo Bank
Aug. 1959 Chimpanzee
Sep. 1959 Perfection Registering Bank
Oct. 1959 Winner Savings Bank
Nov. 1959 Second Annual Convention of the M.B.C.A.
Dec. 1959 Reclining Chinaman
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